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Sourcing best quality ingredients from around the world to Qatar to tantalize your taste buds with authentic taste.


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You were tired of searching for high-quality ingredients which lend an authentic taste to your food in Qatar. Well, your search is over. We strive hard to bring the flavors back to your dishes.

Steam Basmati Rice and Sona Masoori Rice.

The taste of Majboos or Biryani is unauthentic without the most nutritious, deliciously musky long-grained Indian rice.

Sourced from the Indo-Gangetic fertile plains of India directly to your kitchens in Qatar.

Sunflower Oil

Who is better than the international chefs who renounced sunflower oil as the best cooking oil? Due to the fact, of it being a combination of healthy saturated fats.

Add a dash of high dose of Vitamin E, and you have a great combination of health and taste.


Organic Chickpeas

Love Hummus and Falafel, then you must be aware of chickpeas, which add the nutty, buttery, and utterly delicious flavor to it.

Roasted Sesame Seeds

Sprinkle on your bread or make it into Tahini.  Excellent source of Maganese and Calcium and many other vitamins and minerals, it is hard to miss giving it a try.



Feeling under the weather, lentil soup prepared with our sourced lentils is sure to drive the blues away.

Packed with a variety of nutrients, healthy days, or sick days, try lentils all the way.


Kunafa or Baklava is incomplete without the sweetness of our sugar obtained from top-quality sugarcane or sugar beets.


Tea Powder

A hot cup of Karak is a must after a tiring day. Have it black or with milk, we are sure you won’t stop at one.


Waking up to the divine smell of a fresh brew, gives a fresh start to the day.

Have it the Arabian way with cardamon and saffron or try the espresso, we are sure you won’t go wrong with our coffee beans.


Wheat Flour

Tried all ways of making the Roti as soft as cotton candy, but instead found it turning into pappadam after a few hours.

It’s time to try our wheat flour, Kaboos, or Indian Roti, you can’t go wrong with this.

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